The first year we were married, during my senior year of college, I was feeling tired, drained, had yeast infections that were not going away (who knew that was a symptom? No one ever really talks about that one) if I got a cut or scrape on my arm…it would never heal. Finally, I was so annoyed, I went to the doctor (barely able to walk I was in so much pain).

They asked me if I could possibly be pregnant, well yes, there is a possibility. A few minutes later, they came back and said, “well, you’re not pregnant, BUT you are diabetic. WHAT? REALLY? I don’t even know what that MEANS! I was diagnosed as a Type II Diabetic which was always hard for me to grasp. I was not overweight or older, I was only 21?!!! A year later, I was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes.

I’ve gone through every season of a diabetics life: denial, acceptance, commitment, failure, denial, acceptance, commitment…depending on the month. I do feel I have accepted it now (9 years later) and the commitment to controlling it well does waver. Having been pregnant three times, I can tell you that control during pregnancy is a no-brainer for me. With the statistics stacked so high against Diabetic mothers, I try to eliminate some of the variables by being dedicated to good results during pregnancy. Even when I can control some things, life doesn’t always go the way I want it to. My son, Everett was stillborn at 37 weeks and for no “real” cause.

I did get an insulin pump prior to my second pregnancy in 2008 and absolutely LOVE it.

It is not easy, I have those seasons of being really good at this Diabetic life and then times when I get lazy but I know, in the long run, if I can control it well now, it’ll be easier later.

Very dear to my heart is finding out WHY Infants of Diabetic Mothers (IDMs) spend more time in the NICU than most babies and why MINE both stayed in the NICU for 2 WEEKS because of their blood sugars. According to all studies and literature, a diabetic mother who has good glycemic control (A1C less than 7) has no more statistics as opposed to “normal” women. My A1C for ALL THREE pregnancies never went above 6.8 and 2 out of the 3 started my pregnancy with less than 6. Such a mystery to me.

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