Baby Chicks

You know me. I ADORE animals. Any kind of animal. Now of course, I have my favorites. Dogs are my favorite -BIG dogs. Cats will do, if I can’t have a dog. You’ve seen all our stories for the past 8 years of animals. From the best dog in the whole world, to the bird that lived for 3 weeks, to the 2 cats that moved with us and never came home one day.

Since we found a new church, we have been connecting with people and making new friends. We made a new friend who owns a dairy farm and she invited us out to see the new baby chicks that were coming in a week. That or I just invited myself, which I probably did. The chicks were to arrive on Friday. Only about 50 THOUSAND of them. ha. Let me tell you. I LOST SLEEP over it. So unimaginably excited to spend time on a farm, playing with animals. We talked about it everyday and then when the day arrived, Lindy couldn’t stop talking about it and Ruby just had no idea what we were saying.

26,000 chicks in this picture. The building is only half full. Once they get another shipment, they open the end up and the building is another 250 feet longer!

Lindy would pound on the black tubing and the chicks would come RUNNING to her. So odd but adorable.

Yes, she is holding three chicks.

Our friends Jane and Paul captioned these photos: Kitty is getting a hug.

Kitty is getting a SECOND hug.

Kitty is being VERY patient!

And we ALMOST took a cat home with us. Oops

They had a border collie dog – one of my favorite breeds. She was beautiful and had the perfect life – roaming on the farm as she pleases. We found 3 cats, saw 40 cows, baby calves, swans on the pond, and all the chicks.

We had a great time out on the farm. The weather was beautiful, Foster cooperated (I was a tad bit intimidated taking 3 kids by myself) and we haven’t stopped talking about it. Our new friend opened her home up to us and was so generous with her time. She had a lot going on at that very moment so her sweet daughter took us around and just jumped in and helped with the kids without me even asking. She said we could come anytime…we MIGHT just do that. Maybe they’ll just give me a key. ;)

What is YOUR favorite animal? Leave a comment below.

P.S. We went and ate at Chick-Fil-A afterwards. tee hee.


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