Juice Fast Day 8

Still here!

Hanging with my buddy Alaska. Not as cool as a dog, but at least she snuggles with me.

I had a call out to my PCP (the one who approved me doing this) and asked if I should get some bloodwork soon to check levels in my body and to also discuss continuing the fast or modify it and continue. I got a call from my PCP and she left a message “Yes, lets do bloodwork and I want you to stop on day 7″.

Um. Hello?

I am on Day 8 and I can’t just STOP on day 7. There is a bit more to it than that.

Then questions begin to form. She knew it was a 10 day fast, why all of a sudden is she telling me to stop?

A quick call back and I explain my concerns that I just can’t stop on day 7, well, basically because it was already day 8 and I’m THIS close to finishing.

And, again, I can’t just mentally STOP and pack everything up and pull out the chicken nuggets from the freezer for dinner tonight.

Come on people. Work with me here!

So, she agrees with me.

I get the bloodwork tomorrow, see where we are at and then we can talk about 10+.

I honestly think they have no idea what a juice fast entails.


Making MUCH better tasting juices these last few days. Enjoying them a lot. Maybe I was just adding too many greens the first go round. I might have been doing 80% greens and 20% fruits. oops.

One Recipe today:
5 handfuls spinach
2 apples
handful of pineapple
handful of mango
4 oranges
4 carrots

I think the above recipe messed with my mouth and throat a little bit due to all the acid. I feel like I have something stuck in my throat. It has been a bit uncomfortable. Hopefully it goes away tomorrow.

Kind of weird to think that I haven’t chewed anything in 8 days.

Juice Tip: Adding pears to a juice taste delicious, but expect LOTS of pulp. I have an amazing juicer and there was still quite a bit of pulp in my juice. Not my favorite to “chew” my juice down.

I am .2lbs away from my pre Ruby birth weight! That is 175lbs! Maybe tomorrow?

The only other weight then is the Everett weight – which means exactly that, a HUGE weight not only on my body but my heart and my soul. Sure wish I had that 3 and a half year old running around here.

I know that I eat the way that I eat because of emotions. I am lonely – a lot but am working on it with my counselor, pretty aggressively. I deal with some TOXIC guilt in my life and that leads to a lot of what I am feeling which also causes depression.

So, JUST doing a juice fast is not going to “fix me” of my eating habits or my emotional state with food. I have to fix the root of the problem.

Lord help me. Seriously.


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