Juice Fast Day 7

As we are on the tail end of this juice fast, I have been thinking about what is going to happen after Thursday this week.

As you’ve probably gotten the hint, this is ALL mental for me, so I have to prepare IN ADVANCE about what is going to happen afterwards. I just can’t wing these kinds of things. If I wing them, then I go to the nearest Wendy’s drive through and order a #1 with no ketchup or cheese, an iced tea, and some not as good as McDonalds fries.

We joined a CSA this summer and we have been getting wonderful fruits and vegetables from a local farm. I am ashamed to admit how many eggplants and zucchinis I threw away because they LITERALLY melted from the inside. I picked one up and the entire contents of the zucchini juiced out of a hole in the bottom. Gross.

I am proud of myself for buying local, but not so proud of wasted resources. I do believe I need to teach myself more ways to cook vegetables as well; if someone doesn’t know how to cook them, they won’t eat them as often. I have my patent 30 meals that I make over and over and over again. 28 of them have meat as the main course.

I DID make eggplant parmesan this summer. As I was making it, I was gagging about how it was going to be gross and tasteless and “why do people like this kind of thing”. One bite in and my family was SOLD. Nailed it. Sweet. Now I can do something with the bazillion of eggplants that I receive.

I will admit, the transition and cooking for myself afterwards AND my family scares me just a wee bit. Well, ok, A LOT. It will be easy to slip back into bad habits, but I am determined to come out of this juice fast with the newfound adventure to change how our plates look, to reverse how I have been eating for the past 31 years and hopefully instill some of those things in my children. Local, sustainable food and enjoy eating and making vegetable meals with a side of beef.

I might fail over and over, but that means that I am trying and trying.


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