Juice Fast Day 5 & 6

I’m still here and I haven’t wilted away or lost my pants again.

I have in fact not eaten/juiced anything other than fruits and vegetables for going on 10 days now!

Saturday night, we had a busy night, a birthday party, complete with chili, cheese, deviled eggs, and cake. I planned ahead and bought a store bought juice again, just so I could at least enjoy my juice on our night. I know many juicers would scoff at the store bought kind, but hey, I’m ok with it. It was encouraging to drink something that didn’t taste like dirt while my friends were eating chocolate chip pumpkin cake with buttercream frosting.

After the birthday party we went to an amazing wedding for our friends. A “steampunk” themed wedding where they encouraged us to dress as such. It was the most eccentric, authentic wedding I have been to in a long long time. I was really encouraged by their ceremony and how they put so much into perspective. They didn’t need the expensive flowers or the gawdy bridesmaids dresses or even a traditional location. It was beautiful.

I don’t have an extensive wardrobe let alone clothing that constitutes “steampunk” but Dale looked pretty good with what we had. Thanks to my babysitter Jessamine, she walked in and I stole the scarf that was around her neck and wore it that night.

We enjoyed our night with friends and I again drank my juice, even pouring it into a wedding cup. Luckily, I was ok with not eating chips and dip that was served at the ceremony. Had it been steak and shrimp, I would have been cranky. I did ok!

I REALLY miss animal protein. I miss chicken. Beef. fish. more beef. A lot of people have asked the question how I am getting protein. I can’t say it any better than my friend Katie.

There is an amazing amount of protein in vegetables, especially the greens. And although we will get an abundance of protein since juicing magnifies the nutrient content, the body does not require as much protein as everyone thinks. The protein from veggies is more easily absorbed and used by the body than animal protein also. So, no need to monitor it during a fast.” -Katie

I haven’t noticed any changes in my energy levels or moods, other than I’m cranky that I can’t just eat whatever. Starting to wonder if this fast was a good idea or not! I don’t see ANY other benefits yet besides losing a few pounds, and minimal insulin usage. But, i will remain optimistic, my body just might need some more time to show how much healthier I am now after detoxing. The ONLY reason I was doing this was to lose a few pounds and to not use as much insulin, so I’m not sure why I’m disappointed -THOSE are the things that are happening to me!

I have found that I am full ALL DAY just with the juices. As I sat at the wedding while everyone was eating and I had just finished my juice, I realized I was very contently full. BUT. I would have continued to eat and eat and eat at the buffet line if I was not on a juice fast. It’s amazing how mental this can be.

My blood sugars are doing great. I took only 17 units of insulin today. 10 days ago, I took 78 units. BIG difference.

Disappointed I am not losing weight at a faster rate but glad I did not put an expectation on how much I wanted to lose in the 10 days. Had I assigned a number to it and not met my goal, it would have been another thing I can complain about. And I know you all are tired of me complaining!!!

I am making some better juices these days! Tonight’s was:

1 orange
2 apples
12 leaves of kale
1 stick celery
3 carrots

So, still holding strong. Thanks for all of your encouragement.

If I can do this, YOU can do it too and since everyone is different, you will have different results. The only thing worse than my results would be to GAIN weight and I don’t think that is possible. If anything, I am proud of myself for showing some self control and working through my emotions with food.

Hope you all had a good weekend! I’m gonna go spend some QT with my hubby.


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