Juice Fast Day 4

So, as I look at overall weight loss thus far, I’ve lost 4.4lbs since I started this juice fasting journey 6 days ago!!!

In hindsight…I probably should have just used my high weight number originally because it sounds SO MUCH better than just losing 1.4lbs. You see, 6 days ago, I started to prepare for the fast by cutting out all processed foods, animal products, dairy, etc. etc and I lost some weight before I even started officially juicing!

What to do.

I guess I’ll always tell you how much total I’ve lost. It makes me feel better. I did the work and I don’t want those numbers to disappear! I need every single one of them that I can get.

*total loss since I started the pre-work for the fast by cutting all animal products, processed foods, dairy, etc.

I’ve gotten into a good routine with the juicing and feel as though I can’t give up now.

Dale called tonight and I was bored and lonely and upset that he is never home on Friday nights. Not that he can help it, of course. Weekends are just not the same if you don’t have Friday nights. I told him I was “OVER IT”. Ugh. I just want to eat the chicken nuggets and munch on the cheese stick and most of all, I want to enjoy the two parties we are going to tomorrow.

You can tell how my eating is tied up with my emotions.

I honestly feel like the parties won’t be as much fun because I can’t eat the delicious food. I really think that is a bit distorted. Since when did it become all about the food?!!! Anyone ELSE feel that way?

I will make my juice prior to leaving the house and try to avoid looking at the buffets of food. Besides, it will be day 5, HALF way through it.

Who knows, if it is still going well, maybe I’ll try for 30 days?! That is an option for me, I have contemplated it. We will see.

As it is, I’m having a hard time keeping my pants on.


I got on the floor with the girls today and when I stood up, my pants, well, fell OFF.

So, to test my theory, I will WASH the pants and try them on tomorrow and see if they are still lose. :)

I think that is a pretty good sign that my body is responding to the way I am eating and using way less insulin.

My blood sugars were PERFECT today. I don’t think they went up over 105 at ALL.

I do have a goal for my A1C and that is 5.7. I’ve only reached that number once before. Usually my A1C is 6.2 – 6.5.

My 2 out of 3 juices today were pretty good. So good, Ruby and Lindy kept drinking them. Both of them at one point had their sippy cups full of juice.

I have been using more strawberries, less celery, bok choy and more spinach in my juices and they are turning out better. The fruit juices are becoming easier for me; the green juices are still disgusting.

Filthy really. I don’t know of any other way to say it.

I have coerced my friend, who is coaching me through this, to come over and make me a green juice at some point…maybe I will like hers?

Do you have a good green juice recipe you like? LET ME KNOW!

I haven’t had any other signs that my body is “detoxing” or anything. I was expecting like green slime to grow out of my pores or to lose some hair or SOMETHING. Maybe my psoriasis spots to completely disappear?

Nothing yet.

I do feel an emotional high, just knowing that I am getting so many nutrients into my body.

One juice I made today had 5 carrots, 3 apples, 2 oranges, half a stick of celery (because that is ALL I can handle), handful of blueberries, and about 6 handfuls of spinach. There is NO WAY one person could eat that in one sitting.

Which is the entire point of juicing.

Have a great weekend all! Would love to hear any questions you might have!


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