Ruby’s Milk Fast

Oh, and Ruby is on a little bit of her OWN fast right now.

I took her back into the doctor yesterday to discuss the fussing. I can’t tell if it is medical or behavioral but we really have to get to the bottom of this. She just FUSSES ALL THE TIME.

And. She always wants something in her mouth, whether it is food or a bottle of milk. She drinks A LOT of milk because that seems to be the only thing that gets her to stop fussing. I didn’t realize how much I was giving her over time and we added it up. She was probably drinking 3 TIMES the amount she was supposed to.

You see, she doesn’t eat a lot of food and then fusses, so I give her a bottle and then she stops fusses until the bottles is done and then continues to fuss, so I think she is still hungry and give her food and then we get in the car and she needs something so she doesn’t fuss in the car, and I always have a bottle handy wherever we go so she’ll STOP FUSSING and then she’ll not want to eat dinner but I then give her a bottle because she didn’t eat her dinner and I don’t want her up all night hungry.

You see. It is a VICIOUS cycle.

So, the doctor called it quits on bottles and milk. No more for a week. We’ll see how she reacts and then discuss the next steps. He thinks it is purely behavioral. I can see that.

I NEVER would have let Lindy get away with snacking all the time and bottles whenever she wanted but then again, she was NOT a fussy child.

So, we will see how this goes!

I told the doctor he was crazy. Don’t give a baby a bottle? WHAT?


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