Juice Fast Day 3

Ya know, if someone would have come up to me and told me they were going to do a juice fast in a few days I would have rolled my eyes and called them crazy. I would have thought “they just don’t know how to do it right”, meaning, they don’t know how to eat right and exercise. OR, I would have thought they were a bit granola to “cleanse” their system by juicing? Seriously? Why does your body need a cleanse?

Well. I am sheepishly biting my tongue.

I joined the bandwagon.

And….I’m getting a bit of pressure to keep up with the postings. ha. I guess I did that to myself.

Today wasn’t too bad, I am continuing with the plan, drinking roughly 6-7 cups of juice a day.

My blood sugars were wonky today, I dropped pretty low about 3 times today (mother, do not FREAK OUT). Whenever I go low, it is easy to grab just a quick bite to bring my blood sugars back up, but it is NOT easy when I am juicing. I have to really think HARD as to what I want to juice and how much of this and that and tastes and stuff. And when I’m already low, my mind can get a little foggy anyways. So, today I just grabbed a handful of grapes to bring my levels back up. I cannot possibly be legalistic with this and do something stupid. I’m ok with eating “solid” food when necessary and will continue to juice and make changes as I see fit.

I AM losing weight but it really depends on what time of day I am weighing myself. Kind of frustrating. The number is going down certain times of the day. So, this morning before breakfast I weighed in at 178.0 and then 3 hours later I was 178.6. I get that our weight fluctuates but come on. I’d like it to be fluctuating so that I dont’ have to count in decimals and ask myself if I took my SOCKS OFF so that I can get the number lower!!!

Hoping tomorrow I have LOST some real weight. Gotta remember to take my earrings out if not.


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