Juice Fast Day -2

T minus 2 days and I officially start the juice fast.

Again, these 3 days prior, I am trying to just get my body ready. Cutting all processed foods, animal products, dairy products, and of course fast food.

Pulled the juicer out of the box today and wow it is a REALLY good juicer. I’ve never owned one before, but this one is quiet, fast, and easy to clean.

I made my first juice this morning just to test it out: 3 oranges, 1 apple, and 3 carrots. It was TASTY. Dale ended up drinking a bunch. Then Lindy and Ruby and my niece Kellyn wanted some. We ended up driving to church with sippy cups full of the juice. ha.

I notice that I am feeling hungry and I haven’t even started the full fast yet.


Sang in choir this morning and taught a Sunday school class. It was hard to carry the candy corn in my purse to class for the kids and hard to carry the leftovers back home -but I didn’t cheat.

I DID consume an oatmeal cream pie. I couldn’t stop. It was calling my name.

It wasn’t worth it.

Lunch consisted of a green salad with cucumbers and tomatoes. I haven’t found a recipe for salad dressing so I AM using light balsamic these 3 days.

Trying to consciously remember to drink water – A LOT of it.

Family dinner was chips and cheese (nachos) again. Our Sunday night tradition. I licked my fingers after making the dinner -thats it. Grabbed a chip and Dale grabbed it back out of my hand. :)

I drank my second juice. 1 orange, 1 half cucumber, and 1 pear. Not too bad. Must remember to go easy on the cucumber though.

Blood sugars have been pretty stable throughout the day – roughly 90 -which is my goal. Tonight, spiked a bit after my dinner juice but attribute that to bolusing about 5 minutes before the meal instead of 20 minutes. Good news is that I have my CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) in, so I can monitor my blood sugars continuously.

So, I’ll officially weigh in on Tuesday.


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