Juice Fast Day -3

Well. Today is the start of a new era in my life – or at least a change over the next 14 days and hopefully a lot longer.

I have decided to do a 10 day juice fast.

What is that you say? A juice fast. Where all I “eat” is juices for 10 days straight. Juice made entirely from vegetables and fruit.

Now, I HATE diets. I cringe every time someone says “why don’t you try weight watchers” (sorry mom). I don’t subscribe to those theories. I am a believer in the fact that if you watch your calories and exercise – then you’ll lose the weight.

Ironically though, I never did lose one pound. I did everything “right” and I didn’t lose anything. I did many different experiments to see what would make my weight budge and nothing. Counted calories – which I was eating A LOT before. Cut them in half for a month. Nothing. Cut out all refined sugars for 2 weeks. Nothing. ALL the while training for a triathlon – in the gym 4 days a week for hours. I did cut back on insulin and lost 2 pounds in the midst of all of that.

It’s gotta be the insulin in my body.

My endocrinologist doesn’t agree with me – diabetes and your weight? What’s the correlation is what they say.

I don’t get it. That is absurd.

Luckily, I have an appointment with a new endo in November -I’ve been on a waiting list for 6 months now.

After 3 pregnancies, a MAJOR trauma in the middle, dealing with depression and anxiety on a daily basis, and this disease, well, I admit, I let the weight continue to get out of control. I am 50 pounds overweight and am not proud of that – I do believe it has a lot to do with how I have eaten in the past. You see, insulin stores fat. So, as I ate whatever I wanted to over the past 5 years, I’ve taken the insulin to keep my blood sugars within normal ranges -even if it was A HECK of a lot of insulin. As the years have gone by, I believe my body hasn’t been able to flush itself of all this insulin and fat because I just keep adding to it. I haven’t gotten back to that balance my body needs to maintain a healthy weight.

So, with this juice fast, my goal is to lose some weight and hopefully cleanse my body from the years and years and years of toxins.

Sounds crazy, I know. I have actually been thinking about doing this for a month now and mentally preparing for it. Sickened by what “most” Americans eat. We are a sick sick population. It is truly scary – and I AM one of them. I eat fast food and enjoy it. I buy the processed meals. But lately, I have been really looking into what we are eating and making small changes.

Like only buying organic milk, peanut butter that doesn’t have corn syrup in it – only 1 ingredient – peanuts. Did you know that CORN SYRUP IS IN EVERYTHING?!!! NOT NECESSARY. So, I’ve been checking labels A LOT and refuse to buy some of our staple items if they have corn syrup in it. Besides the fact that it is corn syrup in bread and what not – I’m irritated about GMOs and how no one seems to care in America what we are being fed.

Now, I say all that and I have oatmeal cream pies sitting in my candy jar. So, I haven’t changed all my ways yet – just a few at a time.

I just feel like my eyes have been opened to what I have been feeding myself and my family and I’ve been making some good changes.

That doesn’t cure my “I hate to cook” theory when it is just for Lindy and I. I actually enjoy cooking when I have someone to feed other than myself and my picky 5 year old.

Today was the day to start preparing for the actual fast. 3 days before it begins, I cut out all animal products, dairy products, processed foods, fats, and of course fast food.

What does that leave? Fruits, veggies, brown rice….that’s about it folks.

It was ROUGH today mentally. I would go into the kitchen open the fridge to find something to munch on and then realize it can’t be anything “good.”

I wasn’t even hungry and I was upset that I couldn’t eat some things in my kitchen. I went to Target and was upset that I couldn’t just pick up a snack off a shelf. It was mentally TRYING. Wow. And I haven’t even officially started the fast!!!! Even now as I sit and write this, I want to open up the freezer and eat some ice cream or pop some delicious popcorn. Yum.

Honestly. I thought about cheating THREE TIMES today because I wanted a butterfinger so badly.

I can have self-control for 14 days right? Seriously?!

So, after reviewing with my millions of doctors and doing bloodwork, I got the green light!

Now, you might ask, “Aren’t juices full of sugar for a diabetic?!!”

And my answer is yes and no.

No, because I am not adding refined sugars. It is not like I’m going to the store and buying apple juice. These juices are a mix of healthy greens and fruits.

Yes, because my blood sugars will probably spike quickly after drinking the juice. I will take my insulin 20 minutes before I eat to allow my body to be ready for that spike.

I just don’t know how my body is going to respond. I have a dear friend who is an EXPERT at this kind of thing and she is coaching me through the process. She mentioned I would experience A LOT in 10 days. I can only imagine.

I have given myself grace and an out – if my blood sugars do not regulate like I think they should, then I might have to bow out early. I will be periodically testing for ketones, but they are to be expected. Low carbs and losing weight -there will be ketones. I have no intention of doing anything dangerous.

So, that is a recap of what is going on. I feel like I’ve been slightly obsessed with this weight thing the last year and I probably have been. I’ve never had a problem with my weight so it was never a topic of concern. Now, I see it as a challenge, another adventure that I want to win.

So, allow my body to not use so much insulin by eating healthier, lose a few pounds, get to an ideal weight, then continue eating better, making better choices, exercising again and hopefully maintain a healthy weight without so much insulin.

A girl can dream.

And, as of today, I have cut my insulin usage in HALF, with great blood sugar control. That’s a good start?!

Oh, and P.S. I am not trying to get rid of diabetes by doing this juice fast. That would be highly uneducated and frankly stupid to even suggest. I have Type I diabetes. You can’t get rid of Type I diabetes.

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