Heart Update

Well, we had 2 appointments today, one with the regular pediatrician and then this afternoon we met with our pediatric cardiologist. Good news is that Ruby IS gaining weight, she was up to 9lbs 1oz from 8lbs 12oz last week. BUT it is not a fast weight gain and she is on the lower end of gaining weight. Not a dangerous spot yet but not a glowing review.

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We met with the cardiologist this afternoon and to make it short, nothing has changed with her heart, no improvements and nothing for the worse. She also did confirm that Ruby does have a little Tachypnea (fast breathing). So, we are NOT crazy in thinking she has fast breathing (or rather Dale is not paranoid).

I just started exclusively nursing Ruby again instead of fortifying my milk with formula and bottle-feeding…just starting to get into a routine and working through the confusion of bottle and breast…which is frustrating. The cardiologist heard us say Ruby was still trying to figure it out and she told us to stop nursing Ruby and just bottle feed. She doesn’t want Ruby getting frustrated (no impact on the heart) or not getting milk the way she wants it (quickly). She was really rude about it and didn’t care about my thoughts on it. I really didn’t feel we could talk about options. I might be a little sensitive about it…maybe just a little.

Not what I wanted to hear. I don’t agree with the doctor but I obviously don’t want to hinder Ruby from gaining weight. The problem is, if Ruby’s heart is not getting any better, she will not gain weight. If I don’t nurse her well, she will not gain weight…so there are two variables and I think the cardiologist wants to get rid of one.

I just think Ruby and I are trying to figure it out…we’ve done MAYBE 3 full days of nursing and it is frustrating. She doesn’t want to stay latched on and obviously wants to sleep through most of it. Typical for newborns and the cardiologist is freaking me out and giving me more reasons to stress.

I’m not going to put the health of my baby above my want to nurse…but I think we need a few more days. She’ll get weighed again on Tuesday…that will help us decide. I can always continue pumping and bottle feed, but I don’t want to give up yet. It doesn’t help that the “mister” is completely paranoid and willing to feed her Cheetos and mountain dew to fatten her up.

Ruby likes to be up from 11pm until about 4am…screaming. Not quite sure why yet. LOVE that she has those lungs working, but man it is brutal at night. Nothing seems to console her.

The stress in this house is thick.


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