Ruby Harris!

Introducing Ruby Joy Leah Harris! Born, Monday July 25th, 2:41pm. 8lbs 11oz and 19.5 inches long. We are absolutely overjoyed that she is here!

Ruby, a name we liked A LOT and the July birthstone, Joy after my middle name, Leah after my mother. A perfect name just for her.

The Big Day
We received our amnio results (more on that another day) within 2 hours and little Ruby’s lungs were mature! So Dale finished mowing the lawn and we drove to the hospital at 11:30 for a 1:30 c-section! We had amazing friends who already had Lindy for the next few days -a sleepover Lindy was counting the days down until!

Upon arrival, a few pieces of paperwork had to be done (again, because we had done the identical paperwork the 2 times earlier that week when we were admitted for observation). Do you see all the bags?

The head doctor of our practice talked us through what was going to happen -he was so chill. We were delayed slightly by a few things so he went and got some coffee, hung out with us. When it was time to go in, he wheeled me into the operating room. I said, “Doc, don’t you have an intern that can do this for you?”. My pre-op nurse couldn’t have been ANY nicer or better at her job. She was AMAZING. Why are all pre-op nurses so amazing?

Once inside, the spinal had to go in. My doctor gave me this huge bear hug and helped me relax while they were looking for that pocket between the bones in my spine. Slightly unnerving but the minute they started poking around, my doctor pinched my ear REAL hard and that was all I could think about. Nice move on his part. Once the spinal was in, within seconds it felt like a warm wave of water slowly creeping up my body. It sort of felt like I was hyperventilating -because it felt like I wasn’t breathing. He kept telling me to talk so that my brain new I was breathing. Again, nice to know these things.

Finally Dale got to come in -they were ready!

When she came out, she screamed and screamed and screamed. It was music to our ears. We cried and cried along with her. Big thing I wanted to hear was her blood glucose number…She was a rockstar 60 something -I breathed a sigh of relief. APGAR was 9. Apparently my doctor says they save 10 for pediatrician children. We had a good laugh.

We had 45 minutes of absolute bliss post-op. Holding, snuggling, nursing her.

Then, things went from heaven to absolute shock when the nurse came over and took her from me and shoved a bottle in her mouth. I was ANGRY. What are you DOING to my child?! I don’t want to give her formula. She immediately got on the phone and urgently asked for the NICU and an IV stat. It was a whirlwind. Now my favorite nurse became my arch nemesis. I had no idea the severity of the situation, but apparently, when they checked her blood glucose again in post-op, her number didn’t even register on the monitor -meaning it was so low, she was going into a coma. It was traumatic. My third child, AGAIN, taken from my arms. That nurse saved Ruby’s life. I cried and cried and cried and cried. My eyes hurt for days. My sweet baby taken to the NICU instead of to my room with me.

I didn’t expect that she’d be a NICU baby after our amazing 45 minutes of bliss -I thought we were FREE to be completely overjoyed. I was niave.

Ruby was rushed downstairs to the NICU, I was taken to my room, without my baby girl and completely disappointed in being a diabetic mother and that my child was struggling because of MY diabetes. I cried and cried and cried. Dale made most of the phone calls, I was so upset. Where had I failed? I wanted to be by her side, but we had to wait 2 hours. At the 2 hour mark, I was getting out of bed, hopping into a wheelchair and down to see her.

Then big sister Lindy arrived, looking absolutely adorable and elated to meet her baby sister.

Playing music for her.

So. being a IDM (Infant of a diabetic mother), Ruby’s pancreas was working overtime and causing her glucose levels to drop dangerously. Very typical for IDMs…if you remember, Lindy had similar issues. Thus begins the race to see how long she will be in the NICU.

We are SO GLAD she made it out safely and that God has given her to us!


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